Korte animatie Seleucus I Nicator

bericht van prof. dr. Panagiotis P. Iossif

Dear all,

I would like your help: an animated film I co-authored and for which I served as scientific advisor on the life of Seleucus I is participating to an European contest. The main part of the voting is done by the public. I would really appreciate if you could watch the film and if you like it, vote for it. The deadline for voting is December 16th.

The link is here and the voting process takes less than 10 secs: https://www.museumsinshort.eu/partecipanti/dettaglio_video_2020.asp?id=364&idanno=9

Many thanks in advance and many thanks,

Prof. Dr Panagiotis P. Iossif
Deputy Director of the Belgian School at Athens
Professor of Ancient and Medieval Numismatics, Radboud University Nijmegen

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